skilled field/science teacher for Trails Carolina, Steve has a passion for many of our “creepy, crawly things” that are often misunderstood.   With a variety of reptiles and amphibians, along with other small “critters”, Steve provides an up close experience for all ages while sharing insights he hopes will develop a deeper understanding of wildlife.


This popular musical group from the Cashiers area provides toe-tapping and sing a long gospel favorites for the audience.  The group includes:  Bill Coward, John Warren, Eric Young and Tommy Dillard.  They will open the Caring for God’s Creation portion of Mountain Wildlife Days on Friday night.


One of the all- time favorites at Mountain Wildlife Days, Lea is consider by many as one of North Carolina’s most passionate wildlife advocates.  His talent is expressed to others through his “world class” nature photography and feelings he skillfully shares with the audience.   Not only does he love and value nature, Bill’s photography and comments reflect his appreciation and compassion for the beauty of nature he attributes to God and his Creation.


An exceptional pianist and arranger, Bryan provides an uplifting backdrop to the photographs and commentary of Bill Lea during the “Experiencing the Beauty of Nature Found in God’s Creation” presentation.    Heller is a talented young musician and serves as pianist for Cashier United Methodist Church. He also teaches piano and accompanies other musical groups in the area.


Michael is the executive director of the Balsam Mountain Nature Center.  Prior to coming to the Balsam Mountain Preserve, Michael was the Emmy nominated host of “Georgia Outdoors” on Georgia Public Television.  He is an experienced field ecologist, naturalist, nature photographer, environmental educator and musician.  His “Birds of Prey” are a sought after program by many in Western North Carolina.  Skinner has a “new” program for MWD called: “The Not So Tangled Web” featuring his Wings N’ Things from the Balsam Mountain Nature Center.  His presentation is guaranteed to engage the audience in a meaningful way. 



Retired after 32 years as a ranger with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Kim continues to be a sought after wildlife program presenter.  Known throughout his career as one of the top wildlife experts in North Carolina and Tennessee, he wrote “Bear in the Back Seat”, a popular best- selling book containing many of his exciting adventures.  He explains his book as, “a series of stories from (a)n extraordinary landscape populated with befuddled bears, hormonally-crazed elk, homicidal wild boars, hopelessly timid wolves and nine million tourists, some who are clueless”.  


Dr. Unger is a biology professor at Maryville College in Tennessee. His energetic presentations are guaranteed to get you excited about wildlife and especially carnivores.  Unger’s unique program titled “What Little Red Riding Hood Didn’t Tell You About the Big, GOOD Wolf” is both entertaining and informative.  It is not just about better understanding wolves but includes many details, pictures and stories about a variety of  large animals he has studied, researched and observed including black bears, elk, coyotes, lynx, birds and others.


This featured exhibition by North Georgia Zoo will return to MWD for the 3rd year in a row.  They provide a large variety of animals for the audience. Some will be familiar and others will provide a surprise or two.  Their wildlife appear frequently on television in Georgia and the Carolinas and have been featured on Animal Planet with Jack Hanna, The View, Wild About Animals along with other media outlets.  Their presentation provides something for everybody!   


Mountain Wildlife Days

Mountain Wildlife Days